Young Living offers every member the opportunity to share the love of our products with everyone, and help support the purchase of your own products or even replace an income! You do not have to purchase a "business kit" to start sharing with your friends. Be sure to contact your leader to discover more about sharing the love with Young Living Essential Oils! Check out the earning potential below:
Compensation Plan
Young Living Opportunity Brochure
To get started and rock this business with the perfect system;
1. Print this file (Green Team Checklist
2. Go to to complete the training

Opportunity To Earn An Income, Even if it is Unintentional!  
One of our leaders would be happy to come out and help you share with your friends and family by hosting an informal, relaxed information session. There are no hidden sales minimums or specified number of guests to attend. We simply would love to share with your friends and family the basics of Essential Oils and why we love the oily journey. Find out how you can earn cash or even a Premium Starter kit for free by chatting with your Lifelong Purity Leader today! If you decide to join our team you would have the opportunity to plug into monthly business builders meetings for guidance and coaching.


  • Active leaders throughout the Parkland who have a vested interest in helping you reach your wellness goals!
  • Canadian wide support- we have fellow leaders who are willing to connect you with local resources and events
  • Our Lifelong Purity Visionaries Group on Facebook is a great resource for finding answers, suggestions, and tips on building a business. It is overall a great way to stay connected with our team

Lifelong Purity Visionaries


When you join Young Living it is important to pick a strong support system! Lifelong Purity is an amazing group of individuals and families working together to bring wellness to everyone. We are here to help you feel empowered and grow in your oily journey. We would be excited to have you join our awesome team! If you are interested in the many products or in building a business, our team can help you out!


Melanie & Craig MacCarthy


Melissa Gallaway
Judy Dellanoy

Karyn Mayuk

Marilyn Marshall

Lill Stephanow

Craig MacCarthy

Lynn Flinta



Chet Vonbargen & Chantal Gamache

Jen Caruk

Metzchie Lusung

Celina MacCarthy

Chelsea Morton

Sandy Goran

Melissa Jacques

Lesley Cochrane

Janet Olson

Ashley Sidlar

Bailey Jacques

Angela Kotyk

Sue Negrych

Candace MacCarthy

Rae Huber

Nomie Bedic

Jeannette Freese

Jennilee Paziuk

Jennifer Olinyk

Karen VonBargen

Lyle Flinta

Mary Ann Perdits

Emelinda Amparo Panganiban


Senior Star

Allysha McNally-Huber
Amanda Olinyk
Amanda Scott
Alice Ang
Anna Dmytriw
Annaliza Acosta
Ashley Lindell
Brad Marshall
Brittany Gamache
Carol Schnittjer
Carol Sime
Celina McCarthy
Christine Chrisp
Cindy Wallace
Cody Jacques
Danielle Janzen
Debbie McNevin
Elise Karpiak
Jessu Patino
Joellee Maxfield
Karie Mantei
Kelita Wilson
Kim Erickson
Lindsey Wallace
Lisa Sahulka
Lyle Flinta
Mandee Nakonechny
Maria Carlos
Natalie Bedient
Nicole Stephanow
Raquel Perdito Candar
Relinda Torres
Rhonda Buchanan
Ryan Marshall
Sally Frykas
Samantha Gallaway
Shannon Priest
Shawn Caruk
Sheena Lwiwski
Steven Goran
Tania Kowalewich
Tracy Tomchuk


Adri du Plessis
Aireen Ambona
AJ Danks
Alex Zurba
Allen Rawluk
Amanda Clarkson
Andrea Wiebe
Arleen DeLeon De Sagun
Arnold Panganiban
Ashlee Green
Beverly Avendano
Bobbie-Lee Fehr
Bonnie Mills
Brenda Law
Brenda Watt
Brianna Moore
Brittany Misko
Carrie Sokolan
Cathleen Ramirez
Charlene Sampaga
Chelsey L'Heureux
Christa Stittle
Christina Reuther
Cindy Lamy
Colette Foidart
Constance Kichak
David Irwin
Debbie Matkowski
Denise Cruz
Derek Lamy
Donna Oliquino
Donna Searls
Dories Parkes
Edith Nelson
Elaine Sarkonak
Ernalyn Morales
Ernest Karpiak
Eunice Lunsted
Evelyn Sanque
Frank Goran
Gail Himpe
Genevieve Lebel
Gerry Boehm
Irene Runolfson
Jade Priest
Jayln Case
Jean Rambow
Jenna Mills
Jenna Pacey
Joellee Maxfield
John McNevin
Julia Clearwater
Karen Muller
Karen Tindall
Karen Weirs
Katherine Amparo
Ken Kotyk
Kerri Wheaton
Kristy Perrin
Lalaine Jacildo
Lara Wieler
Leifa Misko
Lindsay Cole
Lorna Cabreza
Lorraine Arrojado
Lucy Robinson
Dr. Lydia Derzko
Ma. Irene Asis
Maria Garcia
Marinel Jardiniano
Mark Jacques
Mary Buenviaje
Mary Grace Barrio
Mel Huber
Melani Sawatzky
Melissa David
Michelle Chaychuck
Nadine Martin
Renee Klyne
Rhonda Bottrell
Rhonda Lamber
Rochelle De Sagun 
Shannon Dewarle
Shauna Ash
Shawna Namaka
Sherri-Lynn Desjardome
Stacy Chase
Stacy Purdey
Taryn Derzko
Tawnya Heinrichs
Tracy Plamondon